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Our purpose.

We started off with profound recognition of the challenges faced by individuals battling sarcoma, a disease often shrouded in obscurity due to its rarity. Sarcoma is also referred to as Orphan disease; it represents less than 2% of all newly diagnosed cancer. Limited awareness and access to accurate information have created a large knowledge gap, leaving patients and caregivers often feeling lost in the dark. This knowledge deficit is more among parents and attenders of children affected by sarcoma, who grapple with the emotional and logistical complexities of navigating this dreadful disease.

Beyond the need for reliable information, there exists a need for a supportive community—a haven where individuals impacted by sarcoma can congregate, share experiences, and draw strength from collective resilience. It is within this shared space that empathy flourishes, bonds are forged, and hope finds fertile ground to thrive amidst adversity. This platform aspires to be more than a repository of data; it aims to be a dynamic nexus, constantly evolving to provide the latest updates on sarcoma research, treatment modalities, and supportive resources.

Furthermore, the website aims to foster a culture of proactive engagement, where concerns are not merely acknowledged but actively addressed with commitment to finding viable solutions. From facilitating discussions on treatment options to offering emotional support during times of distress, we want to serve as a lifeline for those needing sarcoma care. Ultimately, we also want to amplify the voices of the sarcoma community in advocating for feasible policy changes to enhance access to quality care for all individuals, regardless of socioeconomic and geographic status. This is to make ensure that even the most vulnerable will have the opportunity to receive the best possible treatment and support. Through collective effort and unwavering determination, we want to endeavour on a journey to illuminate the path towards a brighter, more equitable future for sarcoma patients and their caregivers.

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