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The genesis of this logo began with a quest to intertwine ancient wisdom with modern purpose,

to encapsulate the essence of existence within a simple yet profound symbol.

The mandala, a sacred geometric pattern, has transcended cultures and epochs, serving as a symbol of unity, wholeness and order. It represents the universe, mirroring the interconnectedness of all beings and phenomena. The metamorphosis of the mandala into a black and white design not only pays homage to its ancient roots but also symbolizes a harmonious union with modernity. In this transformation, the mandala takes on a dual identity, reminiscent of both its spiritual significance and the intricate pathways of a computer chip. This fusion embodies a profound acknowledgment of the role technology plays in our lives, particularly in the realm of healthcare. Hence the outer aspect of the logo or the mandala stands as a testament to embracing wisdom and modern advancements to provide comprehensive care and support to those navigating the complexities of cancer.

Within the mandala, each element of life revered since antiquity—earth, fire, wind, water and space, finds place as concentric circles, exemplifying the eternal cycle of creation and dissolution. Cancer ribbons are visual representation of the diverse spectrum of cancer types and the journey that patients, survivors, and their loved ones go through. A Yellow ribbon represents sarcoma or bone cancer. Its vibrant hue speaks of healing and support. The ribbon at the centre along with the concentric circles echoes the sentiment that while we may comprehend the treatments rendered, there exists an unspoken source of support beyond our understanding, a beacon of hope guiding patients and caregivers alike on their journey through the unknown terrain of cancer.


Our logo symbolizes unwavering commitment to cancer care, with a steadfast belief that brighter tomorrows are within reach.

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